Debbie B., Fouke, AR.

"I live in Fouke and work in Ashdown, so I needed internet that was portable. I found GOTW3, and it works perfect. I can stream in my cabin at Yarborough Landing and at home in Fouke. ROKU never buffers my horror movies. I'm one happy girl."

Trey J., Ashdown, AR.

"When we moved our satellite internet was never the same. It was slooooow. My friend referred us to PRO SAT and they came out and set up GOTW3. Problem solved! We are really happy with it."

Reed G., Red Bluff, AR

"We initially had satellite internet installed, but with our security cameras and streaming video, we used up our data in a few days. We purchased the GOTW3 with a booster and our issues are resolved."

Justin C., Jacks Isle, AR

"We've been trying to get Internet here for 7 years. Nothing has worked until the GOTW3 wireless modem. We had to get a cell phone booster, but we can now stream tv and surf on our phones with unlimited data"

Jerry G., Queen City, TX

"It runs my phone, tv, and computer all at the same time on 1 signal bar. I took it bow hunting in the middle of Pond Creek's 27,000 acres, and it worked fine. It's great for my timber business because I take it with me to the field."

Angela S., Ashdown, AR.

"I use it for coding medical records for work, and my daughter uses it for Netflix and social media. I can take it to different locations and work from there. I love the it."

Jimmy D., Oklahoma City, OK.,

"We use the modem at job sites in Texarkana, Houston, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City, and it never hiccups. I can plug it into my truck's outlet and have internet while traveling. Perfect for my team."

Sonya E., Waldo, AR

"We tried evert thing and nothing worked until GOTW3! I'm home bound and the Internet and TV are my only means of entertainment. My Son can game, my daughter can use her laptop, my husband can use his phone, and I can stream TV. It never throttles, and I have unlimited data☺️"

Kristin A, Yarborough Landing, AR

"Homeschooling was a challenge for me and my students until I got GOTW3. Buffering, slow speeds and data overages were slowing our progress and hindering learning. The GOTW3 service has solved those problems and made us more productive. With truly unlimited data and fast speed, my Homeschooling role is easier. We even take it with us when we go camping. Being able to watch the news and to stream video in our RV makes camping all the more relaxing. I have recommended GOTW3 to many people, and I get a $15 bill credit every time my referrals get service. I definitely recommend it to everyone."