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We've all been there - a website takes too long to load, so you go back to the search page and try another. But what if everything you did online took a long time to load? If your internet is slow, turn to Pro Sat to get a fast internet connection in Texarkana, AR.

We can also help you set up a portable modem to give all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices internet access wherever you are. To get a free estimate for a residential or commercial internet connection, contact us today.

Top reasons to trust Pro Sat with your internet services

We have been in continuous business for 24 years serving thousands of customers in the Texarkana, AR and surrounding areas.

With so many technology companies to choose from, it can be hard to sift through them all. However, we're committed to giving you a fast internet connection for an affordable price.

We also offer:


  • Portable modems
  • Cellphone boosters
  • A reliable 4G network
  • A two-week trial period



Best of all, you can get our services with no contract and no credit check. You can even get a $15 credit toward your bill for every friend you refer, and you can refer unlimited people to keep saving money. If you want a continuous internet connection with a portable modem, reach out to us today.


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